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Strawberry Planter Upgrade

Strawberry Planter Upgrade

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Austin White

Published on Mar 27, 2020

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Since August 2019, two strawberry plants have been struggling to survive my brutal torture. See, I was told that strawberry plants won't survive indoors well. I didn't listen, I bought a grow light and built a planter. Since then, I've almost killed them four times, but they keep coming back. Their roots have now filled the entire planter box and need more space. I always love a good woodworking project!

The first step, save the faceplate I wood burned when I first made the box.


Next step, snap fingers


Just kidding, however, I didn't take that many photos. It was a lot of weird angle parts cut on my band saw.

Here we go:



All new wood joints were made using wood glue and held in place with brad nails.

The last step which is hidden, I lined the inside of the planter with plastic. Also, there are six holes in the bottom for drainage. Oooh, and I made the grow light tilt by using nails as pins/hinges.

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