Strawberry Planter Upgrade

Strawberry Planter Upgrade

Since August 2019, I have had two strawberry plants. They have been indoors in a planter box. Unfortunately, they have been struggling to survive. The plants have a grow light and are watered regularly. Since they are still dying, I've decided to expand the panter box to give the roots of the plants more space. I always love a good woodworking project!

The first step is to save the faceplate I wood burned when I first made the box. IMG_20200324_150804298.jpg

I then created a larger planter box and attached the original faceplate IMG_20200324_190946283.jpg

I removed the grow light from its enclosure and attached it to a piece of cedarwood. Then I added arms to the new planter box to hold the grow light at the desired height. IMG_20200325_144114107.jpg The finished product: IMG_20200327_112321580.jpg

All the wood joints were made using wood glue and held in place with brad nails.

In one last step, I lined the inside of the planter with plastic and added six drain holes in the bottom of the planter box.