Update: Plants in a bottle

Update: Plants in a bottle

So... I may have over-watered the bottle, too much. I've found I only need to water it every other month. I also discovered that I should have added gravel for drainage in the bottom of the jug. Anywho, the plants are dead. Time to restart!

How can I make this easier? I know lets cut the thing in half!

One amazon order later, I have glass cutting wheels for my Dremel 4000 rotary tool. Next up, a janky water cooling system!

Water helps reduce heat, stress, and fumes while cutting glass


Safety first! Water and Electricity do NOT mix well. :P

IMG_20200802_202011286.jpg Test cut on soda bottle:


It works! Time for the real thing! IMG_20200802_204331575.jpg

Now what?? Add plants!

Spikemoss and a random foliage plant. Oh! and I added gravel and horticulture charcoal.

Horticulture charcoal filters out bad toxins, helps with root rot, and batiria build-up that causes a stink.


Hey! What's that green ring??

I made a custom plastic snap-fit ring connector to make sure the two halves of the jug sit nicely together without breaking. This was done with Autodesk Inventor and my 3D Printer.

Not sponsored: I really love prusament army green pla filament!